Fishing has significantly improved compared to last year

Comins Lake - Ely, NV (White Pine County)


Comins Lake is near capacity with water temperatures sitting in the upper 60s with surface temperatures reaching low 70s.  Fishing has significantly improved compared to last year, however catch rates on trout are still down.  Rainbow trout are being caught by anglers ranging from 15 inches up to 22 inches.  Nightcrawlers are producing trout for anglers, as well as spinner lures, wooly buggers, scud patterns, and midge patterns.  These fly patterns can be used on spin cast rods as well as fly rods. With warmer water temperatures, anglers are encouraged to fish the early morning and evening hours to reduce stress on trout.

Fishing for largemouth bass is productive, with a variety of spinner baits and soft plastics catching fish.  The average size bass being caught is 12 to 13 inches with some fish hitting the 15-to-16-inch range.  There is a limited bluegill fishery at Comins Lake and anglers are encouraged to release bluegill catch so that their population can become better established.

Please note that NDOW has placed radio tags in several Northern Pike. Any pike over 24 inches in length that have transmitters can be removed from the lake. These pike will have an orange floy tag near their dorsal fin and a small antenna (~ 7 inches long) coming from their stomach.  Please return these fish to the water for research purposes.

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