Trout are moving slower on the Truckee 'cause of the cold, but they will react to Baetis and Midge

Truckee River

by Truckee River Outfitters
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Stream flows on the Truckee have been very consistent. Lack of snow has limited any run-off on warm days. The fishing has been fairly good for January and we have even seen some fish rising to Baetis and Midges on the surface on warmer afternoons. The water is really clear and easy to wade right now. It is important to take a little more stealthy approach than normal.

Nymphing with smaller stoneflies, Baetis and Midge patterns in slower deeper pools has also been effective. The water is cold so fish slowly and do not be afraid to make a few extra drifts in good looking spots. The fish get a little lethargic this time of year and will not move much to take a fly. Our guides have had some really good days with clients in town to ski and have ended up fishing instead.

Look for the weather to change in the week to come and it to look a lot more like winter in the Truckee area. Access has not been a problem on the river in a while but that could change with storms forecasted soon. It may be a little more important to fish further downstream going forward in the lower elevations of Nevada on the Truckee. Flows are: Town of Truckee 297 CFS, Boca Bridge 385 CFS, Farad 398 CFS, Reno 385 CFS.