Fishing on the Truckee after the storm, January 24, 2012 Report

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

We finally have some snow in the hills. We got about 6" inches here in the Hirsch, but a good dumping above 7,500 feet. The Truckee River came up to about 1,500 cubes during the storms, but she's come back down, and this week will be good with the mild weather forecasted. Access is always an issue when it snow's on the Cali side. Up along the shire, you might have some issues with parking, but someone will punch through the berm to access the Glenshire bridge stretch. You may also have issues getting out to the Little Truckee, thank God, because those fish need a break. The water is still dirty East of Reno, but other than that, the whole river is in great shape. We have basically made it through the two coldest months of winter, though this year we haven't really had one, and the fishing has been killer. We have in front of us longer days, and more bugs. Midges will be popping this next month, on top, along with crazy good blue wing fishing in the desert. If it stays mild, skwala's will start moving around down lower, and make their way up to the Cali side by March. The bwo fishing, and skwala fishing is something to get excited about down in the desert, trust me. The top photo is of Hirschdale yesterday during the storm. Photo #1 is a rainbow from today.

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