If it stays warm this week, as forecasted, things could pop on the Truckee River.

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

Blue wings are out in full force on the Nevada side, along with a few skwala stones. It'll probably just take a week of warm weather to get them skwalas on top. Hopefully, the fish will get on top, and we'll see some head's. As far as the streamer fishing, it should be real good here shortly as the water warms a few more degreees. I think we'll start seeing a lot more browns moving about the cabin this month too. Shouldn't be to long for the Cali side starts fishing well either, just a few week's, and we should see some real numbers of skwalas up here, not the random one or two drifting by. Good flies are still worms, baetis, stones, such as my Skipper Stone, Pat's Rubberlegs, or the new Cheater Belly stones from Solitude.

If you're around Truckee on the 15th, I'll be giving a presentation at out local fly fishing club, TTFF, come by and check it out if you like. Some photo's from a good float yesterday with brothers Joe and Dan.

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