The Nevada side of the Truckee are as good as it can get, the fish are full of piss & vinigar

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

The last few days East of Reno on the Truckee River have been as good as I've seen it yet. These fish are full of piss and vinegar. Leave the toys at home. Bring a mans rod, a 6wt, and keep your tip up.

Yesterday we put about 15 in the boat, good for the Truckee, and lost quite a few fish too. Fish are chowing down on baetis, worms, and legs. Got a few fish to chase some streamers, with one nice rainbow to the boat.

Fish are holding in every type of water now, and the browns are more active. It was cold this week, and I can only imagine what will happen if the water warms a few more degrees. This is Brant from SF, gettin'er done.

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