The Truckee on a "good" day with high flows

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

The Truckee is a bit big and a bit swollen. If you know how to fish in high flows, then you'll do good, if not wait a few weeks. We ain't gonna have to much run-off this year.

It's about 900 in the Hirsh, give or take a bit, off color, but not to bad. Personally, how I like it. The usual suspects that muddy up the river, Juniper, Grays and Bronco creeks, are but a third of what they are on a normal water year. Remember, fish can still see your flies even if the water is off color. Attractors should be in your box, copper johns, princes, hares ear, etc. Pull streamers up the banks, throw big dries around. I have seen march browns along with a few of our big winged carpenter ants, have those when the water clears.

This is dream catcher Charles from yesterday, crushing it on the Truckee River. He claims he's Native American because every big fish he holds flops out if his hands, you know he doesn't want his spirit taken from a photograph. Third times a charm I guess.

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