The flows on the Truckee have dropped below 400 cfs & the fish are in their normal haunts

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

I guess I was wrong about the weather, but hey, it's still spring in the mountains and anything can happen. I was really hoping for a biblical hatch of g-drakes, but instead the God's reigned down pmds for all those that were on the water the last couple days. Pmds seem to be the main dish on the Truckee River menu, hopefully, caddis, drakes and goldens will soon be too.

Soon though, like in minutes. Flows have dropped to below 400 cubes in the Hirsch. We never saw those low of flows all of summer and fall last year. With these flows my old slots and seams are back, and fish are in every single one of them. Good flies are legs,(rubberlegs) Skipper Stones, and any kind of pmd, and drake nymph. The G-6 caddis should bring the social workers out because it is going to wreck some nice trout from their homes this next week. We'll put them back safely of course.

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