Fish in the Truckee foam are chewing caddis, in the pocket water they are after pupa and stones

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

Finally, a little relief from the water master. Flows in the Hirsch and down below are around 600 cubes. Down from 750 that had been lurking around for the last few weeks. Water is still coming out of Tahoe, but at Boca, they stuck a cork in it. This makes a huge difference. My old seams and slots have opened back up, and fish are in every one of them. Lots of Montana handshakes being handed to them Truckee River trout. Fish are in the foam chewing caddis, in the pocket water eating pupa and stones, and along the banks looking for foam and rubber. Get out there early if you want to avoid the tubers and rafters that are going to clog up the river this week, or get on the good foot and get away from people. I didn't get the memo on the flappy hat, but Kevin and Mike did and are bringing it back.

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