The Truckee is fishing good in the mornings, not so good in the afternoons

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

Been good in the mornings, crappy in the afternoons. Dog days of summer? Yes, and no. If you hit it early and fish the right kind of water you'll have success. If you cruise out there at 2 in the afternoon, you'll be a bit bummed. Both the Cali, and Nevada side of the river are fishing good. Fish have got crayfish, stones, and caddis on their minds. Our nocturnal stones have made a presence. Take a look at some rocks in the mornings when you hit the river and you'll understand. Nymph up early with a Pat's Rubberlegs, or my Skipper Stone Golden. Better yet, throw a big chubby, or stimi out and see who's looking up. For crays, any dark crayfish pattern should work. The bigger the better. Most folks dead drift them here on the Truckee River under an indo. A dead drifted bugger works too. You can swing them on a sink tip as well. Caddis are still out, have some G-6's. I've been fishing mine in a size #16 tan. Still lots of other anglers out, rafters, tubers, and swimmers. Remember be respectful to others and leave the river how you found it.

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