It's been a good week on the Truckee but you have to get out early

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

Though it's hot, she's still kicking out fish, the Truckee River that is. Get out early, fish to lunch or so, and get off the water. Crays fished on a tip, or under an indo are the big producers, followed by golden stones sz#2-6. Put a small caddis, baetis, or pmd dropper of the back. Fast oxygenated water is the key this time of year. You'd be surprised what kind of current fish will suck themselves down in when it's hot like this. It's also hopper time. Hopper time is usually in the afternoons when the wind picks up, but that coincides with warm water temps. Remember any fish you fight to long when the water is warm most likely ain't gona make it. Please don't harm my business partners. The dry fly evening game ain't that great anymore, but the evening streamer fishing has been good. Been a solid week on the T with some great folks.

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