Learn all the Secrets of the Truckee from Gilligan

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

I think being a good guide means keeping no secrets. I share everything. All my secret spots, all my flies, and techniques. I keep nothing from anyone who comes on a guided trip. I don't save water to go fish with my friends the next day, or take people to the same generic place that everyone else goes. Around here that would be the Glenshire bridge. I basically heard that said from famous Henry's Fork guide Mike Lawson. I built my business model from that. I simply take people to the best place I can, on any given day. It could be in front of my house in Hirschdale, or 40 miles downriver in Nevada. We work for it. We might slay it, we might not. Hopefully, if you come out, and I do take you somewhere bad ass, you build yourself a template and go explore other areas of the river to fish too. That's the real fun of fly fishing. A few fine fish from the last few.

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