As the seasons change so does the fishing on the Truckee

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

In Cali on the Truckee River it is cold in the mornings. Mid-twenties with a thick fog bank. The fog usually burns off around lunch time. Water temps are getting cold, 49.5 here in the Hirsch at noon. Whats that mean? Means fish are not sucked down in fast oxygenated water like they were in summer. They're back in the softer stuff, in runs and pools. Change your tactics a bit. No need to get out on the water early. Nymphing wise, stones, baetis, midges, worms, and eggs. Streamers can still be good, and look for hatches of b-dubs mid-day. Flows are still up a bit through Hirschdale for so late in the year which is fine by me. In Nevada on the T it feels like fall has just begun. Trouts are very active. East, and West of town have been producing. Flows are good through Nevada as well. 450 cfs through Mogul. For this time of year that is pretty awesome. Be cautious and look for browns up on their beds spawning if you're anywhere West of Reno. Give them space and let them do their thing. My guests and I have had an awesome week on the river.

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