Situation averted

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

Flood stage never happened. The monsoons came and went. If we'd had more snow up top and it had rained like it did, things would be different. I know a lot of water pushed up through town, but for Hirschdale and below, 2000 cfs is nothing. That could be typical spring flow for us. Right now the Truckee River is dropping. There's about 3 feet of vis here, 1100 cfs or so, and above average day time temps. We are getting rain again, not snow, so the river should rise, but the forecast is for a two week stretch of dry weather. The River will drop as fast as it came up. If you do go out and fish, at least in the next week,or anytime after a good soak, think spring type tactics. Don't fish your normal winter set up. Big and gnarles are the way to go. Stones, worms, streamers, etc. Fish the Cali side until she clears a bit more down below. Give them something that they are going to notice and move to eat. Sometimes a one fly set up is best because you will get hung up a lot as the water is high in the banks. It was a trip watching the weather from Mexico, where I've been all week. Everything is intact, and if you can fish in higher than average flows you will stick some nice fish. I got some nice fish today.

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