Four New Watercraft Inspection and Decontamination Stations to Open

by Aaron Meier

With warmer weather and boaters ready to get on the water, the Nevada Division of State Parks, the Bureau of Reclamation and the Nevada Department of Wildlife are announcing the opening of four watercraft inspection and decontamination stations on Memorial Day weekend.

Inspectors will offer free decontaminations for vessels both entering and exiting the reservoirs to protect waterways from aquatic invasive species (AIS) such as quagga mussels, zebra mussels, New Zealand Mudsnails and Eurasian watermilfoil that can cause significant economic impacts and negatively impact recreational users. The four stations are located at Lahontan Reservoir (Silver Spring State Park entrance and near the dam area off U.S. 50), Rye Patch Reservoir (at the park boat ramp area on the west side of the lake) and Wildhorse Reservoir at the Wildhorse Resort: less than one mile south of the reservoir.

Decontamination and inspections will be free of charge due to federal grants and the implementation of Nevada's new AIS prevention decal.

Boaters are advised to come early and expect slight launch delays for the inspections. The inspection process will proceed faster if vessels come completely CLEAN, DRAINED AND DRY (no water in the bilge, drains, etc.) For more information on the threat of aquatic invasive species, CLEAN, DRAIN, AND DRY or the new AIS Decal program, visit

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