Truckee River is fishing very well as the water releases from Lake Tahoe keep the water level high

Truckee River

by Reno Fly Fishing Outfitters

The Truckee overall is in great shape. Even more of the water in the system is coming from Lake Tahoe now and this has helped the upper stretches of the river. The California side is probably the place to focus for a while as Reno continues to be very hot and the water in the river on the Nevada side is pretty low. There are plenty of Golden Stones in the river right now and husks can be seen on rocks sticking out of the water, especially on the Nevada side. Nymphing with a Golden Stone Nymph and a smaller dropper like a Caddis or a Little yellow Stone is a good way to go. He fish are really hanging out at the head of pools and runs and in pocket water where there is more oxygen and less traffic. This is a great time of year to be "High Sticking" without an indicator. Some of the water that fish are holding in runs too fast to fish with an indicator effectively. If you are going to fish on the Nevada side of the river then it is crucial to fish in the mornings. The combination of low water, hot days and lots of people in the river in the afternoons is really making the fishing tougher than normal. Flows are: Town of Truckee 406 CFS, Boca Bridge 452 CFS, Farad 498 CFS, Reno 298 CFS and Vista (East of Town) 178 CFS.