It is Crayfish season on the Truckee River

Truckee River

by Reno Fly Fishing Outfitters

The flows have remained very consistent on the Truckee over the past couple of weeks, except for a little run-off from a couple of thunder storms last week. Most of the water is still coming from Lake Tahoe and entire California side is in great shape. There are still some bugs around like Golden Stones and Caddis but this is Crayfish season. Nymphing with a Crayfish pattern and a smaller dropper like a Caddis or a Little Yellow Stone or even something generic like a Red Copper John or a Pheasant Tail will do just fine. Streamers are also worth a try in olive and orange colors to imitate a fleeing Crayfish.

On the Nevada side the water is still really low. Normal flows for the summer months are in the 420-450 CFS range. They have been hovering around 290-310 CFS all summer. This coupled with really warm water has really made the fishing tough. In some places runs that normally hold fish are too shallow. There are a lot of people swimming, tubing and playing in the deeper pools and there seems to be quite a few anglers on the water as well. It is important to fish wisely in order to have the best chance for success. Here are some tips for fishing on the Truckee given these conditions. 1. Fish early - The water is the coolest in the mornings and fish tend to be more active. It is also the time of day that has less traffic on the water. The fish have had a break overnight and are less spooked in high traffic areas. 2. Move around - Do not fish the same water all the time. Fish on the Truckee can't take the constant pressure of the same anglers fishing the same holes with the same flies all the time. Fish some water you have not fished in a while and do not camp on one area. 3. Make fewer casts - When lower water exists fish seem to get smarter. The water has been clearer and there is less holding water. The really good holding water sees a lot of fishermen and the fish see lots of flies. Make sure your drifts are really good dead drifts at the correct depth. These tips will catch you more fish and make you a better fisherman. Flows on the Truckee are: Town of Truckee 378 CFS, Boca Bridge 462 CFS, Farad 502 CFS, Reno 316 CFS and Vista (East of Town) 304 CFS.

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