Fishing on the Truckee is getting better as the temperatures cool

Truckee River

by Reno Fly Fishing Outfitters

Flows continue to remain close to the way they have been almost all summer. This was predicted in OUR spring drought forecast put out by NOAA in March. Changes are on the horizon with fall and the end of irrigation season right around the corner. For now the water temperatures are coming down and are not a factor anymore. The only section of the river that could still be somewhat of an issue would be way downstream east of town but the flows have come up in that section and have given the lower river a nice boost in flows over the past week will really help the water temperatures down there.

There are no where as many people using the river anymore. School is back in and the tubers are all but gone. There is still a bit of rafting going on from Boca Bridge downstream but not that much. The fishing is already getting better from Truckee down through Reno. Cooler water temperatures, shorter days and fish preparing for winter are also a big help in the recent reports getting better and better. The mornings are still the best time to be on the water but we are approaching the time when it can be good any time of the day. There are still not too many bugs out and about but the fish are pretty opportunistic right now and a good presentation is the most important thing. Dead drifting nymphs either under an indicator or "High Sticking" is a good way to go. Fish are starting to chase streamers a little more but you have to cover a lot more water. The Truckee should only get better and better over the next few weeks. For Nymphing try; Crayfish, Stoneflies and October Caddis in sizes 6-10 as a lead fly and a variety of droppers such as Pheasant Tails, Copper Johns and Hares Ears in size 16 is a good way to start. Flows are: Town of Truckee 362 CFS, Boca Bridge 469 CFS, Farad 503 CFS, Reno 277 CFS and Vista (East of Town) 323 CFS.