Topaz trout willing biters

Topaz Lake - Gardnerville, NV

by Nor Cal Fish Reports

Bite in general is fair. Last week 23 trout weighing 2 pounds or more were weighed in. Two were larger than 4 pounds. Trollers are having most of the success. Rapalas, Rooster Tails and Needlefish are good choices. Topaz Landing (775) 266-3550, Topaz Lodge (775) 266-3338

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Nor Cal Fish Reports Reports
for Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

Lake Almanor: slow go at Almanor
Lake Amador: Big bass hitting at Amador
Anderson Reservoir: Quality bassing continues at Anderson
: Berryessa bass slows
Bullards Bar Reservoir: Bass moving deeper at Bullards Bar
Calero Lake: Calero bass biting
Lake Camanche: Trout, bass, cats at Camanche
Lake Chabot: Chabot bass bite begins
Clear Lake: Bass, cats and crappie at Clear Lake
Collins Lake: Collins kicking out trophies
Coyote Lake: CoyoTE bass bite just fair
Lake Davis: Honker Bay ramp installed at Davis
Del Valle Lake: Trout bite contintues at Del Valle
Donner Lake: Donner get trout plant
Don Pedro Reservoir: Great minnow bite at Don Pedro
Lafayette Reservoir: Cloudy water at Lafayette
Lopez Lake : Hit Lopez for bass, panfish
Los Vaqueros Reservoir: Wind spoils LV trout bite
Lake Mendocino: Mendo crappie bite hot
Bon Tempe Reservoir: Trout stocked at Bon Tempe
New Melones Reservoir: Kokanee bite around the corner at New Melones
Lake Oroville: Plastics get bass at Oroville
Pardee Reservoir: Bite improves at Pardee
Pyramid Lake: Shore anglers score big at Pyramid
Quarry Lakes: Trout bite up and down at Quarry Lakes
San Luis Reservoir: San Luis Forebay worth a try
San Pablo Reservoir: Wind squelches bite at San Pablo
Santa Margarita Lake: Santa Margarita crappie bite starts
Shasta Lake: Shasta bass bite continues
Shaver Lake: Shaver trout bite slows
Lake Sonoma: Bass shallow at Sonoma

Nor Cal Fish Reports Reports
for Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

: Almanor trout bite coming on
Lake Amador: Amador bass bite starting
Anderson Reservoir: Anderson bass plentiful
Lake Berryessa: Berryessa bass bite strong
Bullards Bar Reservoir: Bullards Bar warming
Calero Lake: Quality bass at Calero
Lake Camanche: Choices available at Camanche
Caples Lake: Browns crusing Caples
Lake Chabot: Chabot trout bite slows
Chesbro Reservoir: Wait continues at Chesbro
Clear Lake: Top water bite starting at Clear Lake
Collins Lake: Collins Lake stuffed with trout
Contra Loma Reservoir: Contra Loma trout biting
Coyote Lake: Hit Coyotoe for crappie
Lake Davis: Davis yet to kick in
Del Valle Lake: Del Valle producing big trout
Don Pedro Reservoir: Live minnows bring action at Don Pedro
Lafayette Reservoir: Trollers score at Lafayette
Lexington Reservoir: So-So bite at Lexington
Lewiston Lake: Little going on at Lewiston
Lopez Lake : Hit Lopez for crappie, cats
Los Vaqueros Reservoir: Shore anglers get trout at LV
Lake McSwain: Slow go at McSwain
New Melones Reservoir: Bass solid at New Melones
Lake Oroville: Great bass bite at Oroville
Pardee Reservoir: Slow bite again at Pardee
Pyramid Lake: Cutts starting to spawn at Pyramid
Quarry Lakes: Trout elusive at Quarry Lake
San Luis Reservoir: Trollers get striper at San Luis
San Pablo Reservoir: Trout bite solid at San Pablo
Santa Margarita Lake: Crappie bite picks up at Santa Margarita
Shadow Cliffs Reservoir: Shadow Cliffs well stocked
Shasta Lake: Bass spawn on at Shasta
Lake Sonoma: Sonoma bass in the shallows
Lake Tahoe: Time is now for Tahoe browns
Topaz Lake: Lake up, trout down at Topaz
Trinity Lake: Hot bass bite at Trinity
Tulloch Reservoir : Brown, purple get bass at Tulloch
Uvas Reservoir: Uvas shoreline holding bass
Feather River: Feather too low for striper action
Napa River: Striper, sturgeon viable in Napa
Pit River: Pit #3 producing trout
Sacramento River - Upper: Good reports from Upper Sac
Sacramento River - Lower: Lower Sac trout worthwhile
Sacramento River: Stripers tricking in toward Colusa
Sacramento River: Striper surging toward Princeton
Sacramento Delta: Antioch stripers on upswing
Sacramento Delta: Benica anglers strike big at Mothball
Discovery Bay: Stripers edging into Disco Bay
Sacramento Delta: Bass, striper on fire in Franks Tract
Sacramento Delta: Freeport stripers biting
Sacramento Delta: Chain Island sturgeon on the prowl
Sacramento Delta: Improving striper prospects at RIo Vista
Sacramento Delta: Stockton striper in Middle River
Sacramento Delta: Big largemouth in Tracy
: Perch, striper on Bay shoreline
: Sand crabs get Pacifica perch
: Oyster, Coyote points hold striper, halibut
: San Pablo striper bite continues