Too much wind in Suisun Bay

by Nor Cal Fish Reports

Wind hasn’t let up for a week. Very few venturing out. Martinez Bait & Tackle (925) 229-9420

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Nor Cal Fish Reports Reports
for Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

Los Vaqueros Reservoir: Big trout, small striper at LV
Lake Amador: Amador gets one more trout plant
Anderson Reservoir: Anderson bass, crappie on bite
Bass Lake: Better trout bite at Bass Lake
Lake Berryessa: Berryessa bass back off
Boca Reservoir: Boca shoreline fair
Bridgeport Lake: Good trout at Bridgeport
Calero Lake: Crappie, bass at Calero
Caples Lake: Caples campgrounds open
Lake Chabot: Water clearing at Chabot
Chesbro Reservoir: Crappie meh at Chesbro
Clear Lake: Big cats, bed bass at Clear Lake
Collins Lake: Collins Lake kicking out trophies
Contra Loma Reservoir: Contra Loma trout wake up
Convict Lake: Spotty bite at Convict
Coyote Lake: Bass biting at Coyote
Crowley Lake: Crowley slows a bit
Lake Davis: Anglers begging at Davis
Del Valle Lake: Catfish starting to prowl at Del Valle
Donner Lake: Fair action at Donner
Frenchman Lake: Frenchman trout say oui
Indian Creek Reservoir: Indian Creek shore prospects bright
Jackson Meadows Reservoir: Jackson Meadow worth a try
June Lake: Small trout, slow bite at June
Gull Lake: Gull action sporadic
Silver Lake: Lack of planters hurting Silver Lake
Kirman Lake: No good news from Kirman
Lafayette Reservoir: Lafayette trout, bass active
Lexington Reservoir: Lexington bass hit-or-miss
Lopez Lake : Lopez gets a trout plant
Mammoth Lakes : Big fish planted in Lakes Basin
Lake Mendocino: Mendo bass bite slows
Lake Oroville: Oroville bass bite slows
Pardee Reservoir: Pardee koke bite sporadic
Prosser Reservoir: Some smallies at Prosser puddle
Quarry Lakes: Water clearing, trout planted at Quarry Lakes
San Luis Reservoir: Stripers lurking deep at San Luis
San Pablo Reservoir: San Pablo bite just OK
Santa Margarita Lake: Live bait the key at Santa Margarita
Shadow Cliffs Reservoir: Shadow Cliffs trout ready and waiting
Shasta Lake: Shasta bass splashing surface
Shaver Lake: Fishing better than weather at Shaver
Siskiyou Lake: Siskiyou trout, smallies netted
Stampede Reservoir: Launching harder than fishing at Stampede
Lake Tahoe: Shallows productive at Tahoe
Topaz Lake: Little news at Topaz
Trinity Lake: Evening bass bite at Trinity
Uvas Reservoir: Uvas crappie good, catfish fair
Virginia Lakes: Quality angling at Virginias