Truckee getting warmer

Truckee River

by Nor Cal Fish Reports

Flows have dropped even lower above the Boca outflow and flows below the Boca outflow have dropped! Water temps have gone up to about 60 degrees now! We may have only a few weeks left for the river above the Boca outflow unless a release of water from Donner happens. Nice weather for the week with temps in the 60's with the possibility of PM Thunderstorms by Thursday into the weekend. Lots of BWO's, PMD's, Caddis, Green Drake nymphs, Yellow Sallys, Golden Stones and the Carpenter Ants are in full swing! Flows are decent but the general outlook could be bleak as we progress into late spring. BWO's are starting to give way to PMD's, Caddis, Yellow Sallys, and Green Drakes now. Using a Dry/Dropper set-up can bring great results through the slower stretches of the river now with a Big Carpenter Ant as the Dry. Best sections to have been below the Prosser outflow to stateline with the Hirshdale area being the best. If you like LT like conditions you may prefer the Glenshire stretch now. If you do fish the Truckee in Nevada please be aware that New Zealand Mudsnails have been found in sections of water there so please clean your shoes and gear accordingly to avoid aquatic hitch hikers Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters (530) 587-4844. Mountain Hardware & Sports (530) 587-4844

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