East Walker River Update

East Walker River (CA) - Bridgeport, CA

by Liz Weirauch

E. WALKER: CA: Flows 20 cfs: Flows are low. Still watch for temperatures, especially with this warmer weekend. BWO, PMD, EHC, are working for those of you that love the dry fly. Little Yellow stones, scuds, leaches, PT, Rainbow warrior, San Juans, gummy worms. Just use a clear indicator.

E. WALKER: NV Flows 21 cfs: Flows are still low, weeds abound. Hopper dropper, light colored buggers. Fishing pretty well starting around 10 am. Standard fare for Rosaschi: Prince, stone, hare's ear, PT, Rainbow warrior, and San Juan or Gummy worm. Start thinking of a deaddrift crawfish on the top of your rig... oh and don't forget: please, start watching for the reds.

E. WALKER: NV ELBOW AREA Flows 22 cfs Flies: PT's Hare's ear, stone, Micro Mayfly, san juans, or gummy worms, hoppers, ants or any royal dry pattern.

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