Winter Rate Flows

East Walker River (CA) - Bridgeport, CA

by Liz Weirauch

The East Walker in California is at Winter rate flows and it's a pleasant fishable experience with small midges, like the Frank, rainbow warrior, WD-40's and Bubbleback midges. The East Walker in Nevada though, had large weed bed growth with 2 years of low flows and some beaver infestation. Speaking with NDOW, they are expecting and hoping for a flushing flow as soon as the irrigation season start, because at this time, the SnoTels point to a full allotment of irrigation.

A report from NDOW recent shocking survey on the Truckee River was a pleasant surprise. The survey's confirmed that the river did lose a high percentage of the larger fish, though some larger fish were measured. The pleasant surprise was the amount of the newer generations that did survive the warm waters. Knowing that brown trout survive slightly higher water temperatures, they see a slight increase in the numbers of brown trout. This is all good news, when it could of been worse.

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