Picking Up

South Fork Reservoir - Elko, NV (Elko County)

by Nevada Department of Wildlife

Fishing has started to pick up at South Fork as the water temperatures climb into the mid 40’s. Anglers have had some success along Jet Ski Beach and at the cove next to the dam on the northeast side of the lake using PowerBait. This is a lake where fishing the edges caused by the inflow of water from the river and by wind coming off of points can be very effective. Fish along the northeast side of the lake appear to be trying to spawn in the shallows. PowerBait seems to be working better than worms. Anglers are also having success using wooly and seal buggers. Other small flies such as hares ears, egg patterns, soft hackles, egg sucking leeches and chironomids should work from shore. The trick this time of year is to not cast too far out. Trout are cruising the shallows where the sun can warm up the water to a more desirable temperature. Fish are often caught within a few feet of shore as anglers reel in their line to cast again.

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