Indian Creek Reservoir Fishing Report

Indian Creek Reservoir - Markleeville, CA (Alpine County)

by Doug Busey

The lake level is going down a little and the algae has taken over the majority of the lake. I fished last week and caught one 13 inch rainbow on rainbow Powerbait. I casted a few Thomas buoyant, but gave up after cleaning to many weeds off my lures.. Make sure you have polarized glasses so you can see the weed beds. There is two main beds, if you can cast over the second one you will have better success. But if you can not reach, then cast just inside of the farthest weed bed. You will need to adjust your leader from 2-4 feet from your weight. You want to get you bait floating above the bottom weeds.

Good luck on your next fishing adventure. If you have a question. a report in our local fishing area or have a photo of your catch, send it to [email protected]. Hope to see you on the waters. Good fishin' and tight lines.

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