Doug Busey Fish Report

by Doug Busey

Hello fellow anglers, You still have time to wet a line on the in our local area. November 15th is the final day to fish Alpine County rivers and steams. The lakes will remain open through the winter season. Which in a later article, we will discuss the joys of ice fishing. Inyo and Mono counties last day of fishing on lakes and streams will also be November 15th. Check your regulations for special season and regulations on some rivers in California. For instance the East Carson River in Alpine County from Hangmans bridge to the Nevada state line will remain open to catch and release, artificial lures or flies only with barbless hooks. Most of the area campgrounds have closed for the season and with our weather this weekend, many more will follow.

Silver Lake: The water level has dropped about 15 feet. The boat ramp was open last weekend with the water level only 8 feet on the bottom of the ramp. With the lower water bring more obstacles on the lake. If you venture up to do some trolling, be aware of the prop eating rocks.

Caples Lake: The Caples Lake Resort has closed for the season. The EID boat ramp closed this week. The water level is four feet from being full. This is a good time of year to drop a worm on the browns near the dam area or by Woods Creek.

Red Lake: The lake level is still up, but the fishing has been slow. Personally I can't wait for the ice to form and start off the ice fishing season.

Woods Lake: The campground is closed and the road may close by this weekend due to weather.

Blue Lakes:  As of the 1st the road was still open all the way to the upper lake. The campground is closed. With our weather coming in, the road can close in a days notice.

Burnside Lake: Open as of November 1st, but is schedule to close this week.

West Carson River California Side: In the Hope Valley area the water is running very low, with a few pools in the meadow area. Down in the Woodfords canyon area. Alpine county has stocked the river heavily for the last few weeks. Many fish, but the bite has been fair. I met up with an angler named Joe from Hollister CA. We talked and fished together for an hour or so. When i left he had caught a nice 3 lber and a smaller rainbow. I heard through the angler grape vine that Joe had caught a 6 lb rainbow later that day. If you stop by the Carson River Resort where he is staying for another week, give him a big high five for me.

East Carson River California Side: The fishing has been on fire for many anglers. Two fly anglers caught and released a total of 125 fish in two days. Best action has been with a split shot and salmon eggs. Small silver spinners have been productive. Alpine County planted the river heavily over the last few weeks. Many reports of 2-6 pound rainbows have been coming in. 

Indian Creek Reservoir: The water is still up with  many weeds in the lake. With our changing temperatures, a few more nights of freezing weather will break up the weed action. The lake was planted heavily in the spring by Alpine County and the CDFW. The lake was also planted with cutthroat trout from Heenan Lake this year. This time of year brings the bite on the lake. With our rains coming the weekend use caution on the dirt road entrance, stay on the hill side of the road and away from the drop off edge. There are many ruts and holes form last year that could cause a dangerous situation. Campground and boat ramp is closed for the season.

Carson River Nevada Side: The river is open all year long to fishing with no bait restrictions. The NDOW has planted the Deer Run Rd bridge with rainbow trout last week. They also planted the Dayton Bridge and the Pinion Hills Rd bridge.

Nevada Fish Plants: Mitch Pond, Baily Pond, Wilson Common Pond.

Topaz Lake: Closed to fishing until January 1st 2018. As a note the NDOW has planted 11,000 fish since its closure on October 1st.

Good luck on your next fishing adventure, if you get a photo of your catch send it to [email protected]. If you have a question or a report in our local fishing area, call the Naw line at 775-267-9722. Good fishin' and tight lines.

Good luck on your next fishing adventure. If you have a question. a report in our local fishing area or have a photo of your catch, send it to [email protected]. Hope to see you on the waters. Good fishin' and tight lines.