Fly Fishing has Still Been Best in the Afternoon

Truckee River

by Reno Fly Shop

Fly fishing has still been best in the afternoon with a few blue winged olive mayfly (BWO) hatches happening mid day when the sky is over cast. It appears that the inversion layer that we have been experiencing the last few weeks has finally dissipated. This will bring extra heat into the river and get the fish more active in the late afternoons. We are catching fish all over the system from the California side to downstream, east of the Truckee Meadows. We’ve had such a great comeback from our past drought that there active fish even in these colder temperatures.

 When looking for fish rising to BWO’s search for the tailouts of pools, eddys, and seams that will produce foam and collect insects. Hatches have been limited to smaller areas and not through large sections of the river. Sometimes just going around the next bend will allow you to find rising fish. With less snow along the banks, searching for these hatches is a fun way to get outside, learn the river, and catch fish on the surface. Otherwise, nymphing smaller baetis nymphs, and attractor flies has been very effective. Adding weight to your rig will ensure that you are deep enough to be within a fishes strike zone.

Flies That We Suggest: Perdigon Black #16, Zebra Midge, Micro May, Tunghead Stonefly, Masked Marauder, Para Baetis, Moorish May Emerger, Para Adams

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