Good, Good Streamer Flows

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

Snowing again. Ha ha ha.

All you can do is just laugh and be thankful for all the precip at this point.

Big rain and snows this week again. If you have a second home up here, best make sure you get your roofs cleared, mainly the ice damns, and clear out your propane tank. Big wet snows on top of all this snow is a recipe for disaster.

Flows have come up at of Lake Tahoe. It’s nice and big at just above 1,200 cubes here. About 1,400 cfs and change in the battle born state. Good, good streamer flows. Nymphing flows for that matter too. Flows will come back down a bit after this storm system, but should stay up for awhile. This is when things are going to get interesting. We gonna get some big fish now.

The snow from last week has packed down nice all around and getting to the river is a a lot easier. Kind of a rain/ snow mix here at 5,500 feet, dumping on the summit. 80 has been closed off and on again today.

These are the flows that get me excited, excited to go fish behind the house when I have a minute, and excited to guide in. Why, cause big flows usually equal big fish on this river. Like steelheading for trouts. And if you don’t bang out a monster, you’ll still stick some nice clean fish. Clarity is good, and remember trouts can see just fine. Access ain’t too easy in California, not much of any snow in Nevada. Good news it has warmed up too. 30’s and 40’s in Truckee. Some 50’s in Reno. Way better fishing temps.

I’ll spend a bunch of time up here in my neck of the woods now that the flow is up. I have so many good high water spots, the fishing can honesty be somewhat easy at times.

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