Fish Are Still Very Active

Walker River - East Fork (NV) - (Lyon County)

by Jim Reid

The river is still at 282 cfs right now. The fishing is a little tougher with the higher flow but the fish are still very active and most anglers are getting into some good fish. Lots of fish in the 12 to 16 inch range with a few pushing over 20”. Still haven’t heard much about streamers but with the warmer weather that should change, most anglers are having the most success with small nymphs. With the higher flow you’ll need to run larger indicators and extra weight to get your bugs down to the bottom on your drift. The higher flows also allow the fish to spread out quite a bit so there are fish hanging out all over and in all kinds of water right  now. The upper mile has been the most popular stretch lately but there are some anglers going down below the bridge to fish the faster water.

Recommended Flies:
Rainbow warrior, silver streak, micro stone, poxyback stone, Darth baetis, pheasant tail, prince, aggravator prince, dark lord, radiation baetis, prince nymphs, san juan worm, zebra midge, top secret midge, flashback emerger, sculpzilla, dali lama, zuddler.

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