Truckee River Fishing Has Been Very Good

Truckee River

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Gilligan's Guide Service

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

Big changes ahead this week weather wise. 

Lows could get into the teens here in the Hirsch, highs in the upper 40’s. Nice and cold at night and cool during the day in Reno as well. Maybe not much of an Indian Summer this fall.

Fishing has been very good if you plan your fishing when the trouts are feeding. I think most of the time we as anglers don’t. The best fishing right now is about 11-evening here on the CA side of things. You can shift that earlier down out East on the lower river. All the fish need is a few degrees of warmth to get the bugs going and the fish actively feeding on nymphs. If you’re streamer fishing, that’s a different story. Sometimes big fish put themselves in shallow water early and late looking to ambush. Early and late can be good this time of year, or all day if it’s cloudy. All trout see best a half hour before sunrise and again in the evening before dark. That’s when both the rods and cones in their eyes are engaged and they can see the best. Ever been to Pyramid Lake and the best fishing is right before dark and you wonder how they can see your tiny little leech pattern? Of course, you can get big trout to chase all day long if the conditions are right, and lots of times in the fall the conditions are right.

I’ve been doing a lot stillwater fishing anytime I can get my own chance to fish. Tough with the kids, but they’re in pre-school a bit now. Fall is a good time to hit the local lakes. When I say stillwater fishing, I don’t mean trolling a leech in your float tube, or sticking some bead head midges under a bobber, that is not stillwater fishing, sorry. There’s big fish in the lakes around here. Stillwater fishing is the most challenging thing to do with a fly rod. I’m learning.

So get out and have fun. Get on it before the snow comes and it’s 10 below at night.

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