Doug Busey Eastern Sierra Fishing Report

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Mono County Tourism - California's Eastern Sierra

by Doug Busey

Hello fellow anglers, Not to much fishing going on with out crazy weather patterns.  But I did have a chance to venture down to the California Sport and boat show a couple weeks ago. If you have never been, I highly recommended you set the date for next year. Any thing from boats to hunting/fishing trips, sporting, camping, RV's and of course plenty of fishing and hunting equipment. I would recommend to plan for two days if you decide to attend next year. But I was intrigued by one of the fly fishing vendors. They told me that because of the new California law, banning fur. They would not be able to produce many of their fly's unless they moved their operation to another state. I did not realize how far certain laws would reach into the world of angling. I have had a few opportunities to get a line wet over the last few weeks though, and have a few reports to share with you. Also most have noticed that we are staying lighter a little longer each day. On March 8th, we get to turn our clocks ahead. To me that is an extra two hours of day light by then. Which means more time on the water.

SILVER LAKE; The lake has about a foot or more of ice with some snow on top. A few report of small rainbows near the spillway. Angler were using night crawlers.

CAPLES LAKE: The lake has a foot of ice with about a foot on snow on top. The lake level has gone down. Fishing has been rated as fair. A couple anglers were jigging Kastmasters by the dam and caught a couple mackinaws. The Caples Lake resort is closed for the season.

RED LAKE: The lake has a foot of snow with about 6-10 inches of snow. Many anglers have been out. But not much action has been reported.  A few small rainbows on night crawlers. I personally like to jig a small gold Kastmaster or a Thomas Bouyant spoon right off the bottom. No need to go out to far from shore. Most fish are caught within 20 to 50 feet from shore. If you have never ice fished before. The Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters are offering guides to show how its done. They can be reached at 530-541-8208

INDIAN CREEK RESERVOIR:  Fishing has been off and on. There was a nice 5 lb rainbow caught off the shore a couple weeks ago by an angler using Powerbait. Mostly rainbows in the 10 to 13 inch class have been caught. I would still recommend to clean your fish at home and rinse with fresh water. Both roads are open.

TOPAZ LAKE:  I have fished a few times over the last few weeks with my fishing partner Tom Blotter. We have been trolling the deeper waters and have noticed the bite has been an early one. Rapalas on top and blades with a night crawler have been most productive. Last week we caught and released 18 fishing the 10 to 14 inch class with a couple over 18". Shore fishing has been very spotty. We personally did not see any fish being caught by shore anglers last week. But a few anglers have reported they caught 2-4 fish. Mainly early morning. The Topaz lake derby is not on this year. But the general store is still the place to have your picture taken for the Naw report as well as being out up on the wall of fame at the store. For more information call the Topaz lake general store at 775-266-3338.

I have many people ask why do I fish this time of year? Isn't that a spring and summer sport. I am reminded of the Fisherman's Oath, which I will share with you and then you may understand a little more.

I am a fisherman for life, I will always be a fisherman, It is not something I do, It is who I am. Fishing is not an escape, it is where I belong, its where I am supposed to be. It is not a place, But a life long journey. It is a passage my father showed me, and that I  will show others. When you understand all of this you will know me, And we will fish together.

Good luck on your next fishing adventure. If you have  photo of your catch. Send it to [email protected]. I hope to see you on the waters soon.  Good fishin' and tight lines

Good luck on your next fishing adventure. If you have a question. a report in our local fishing area or have a photo of your catch, send it to [email protected]. Hope to see you on the waters. Good fishin' and tight lines.

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