NDOW Southern Fishing Report

Photo Credit: Courtesy of NDOW

by Nevada Department of Wildlife


Bass are actively hitting plastic crayfish and worms. With temperatures reaching 90 degrees during the daytime, bass and crappie are the most active game fish. Crappie will hit red and yellow jigs or tubes. Trout are active in the early mornings when water temperatures are the coolest. They are hitting on night crawlers and marshmallowse.


Bass and trout are biting baits thrown from shore or boat. Weeds are thick along some of the shorelines making it tough to bring in a catch or a hook that needs new bait. Trout are taking PowerBait fished off the bottom. A number 2 Gold Mepp’s spinner has been popular with bass and trout alike. Another option for the bass is fishing a Woolly Bugger tied a foot below a bobber. Fish it near the weed beds.


Anglers looking for cooler temperatures are targeting catfish just after sunset. Catfish are taking stink baits and anchovies at Hemenway and Government Wash. Black bass anglers are having luck on topwater baits fished from shore in shaded coves. In the Virgin Basin, smallmouth bass are taking swimbaits and soft plastics. Night crawlers fished just off the bottom are tempting blue gill in Government Wash and Callville Bay. Striper boils can be seen throughout Boulder Basin. Try fishing a jerkbait or popper when you locate a boil.


Reports of double-digit stripers have anglers excited to fish Willow Beach. The fish are taking AC Plugs, trout swimbaits and anchovies. Lake Mohave is seeing smallmouth bass action in the Cottonwood Basin. Find a cove with a shelf and try fishing soft plastics on a Ned rig. Striper boils are picking up at the south end of the lake near Katherine Landing and just above Davis Dam.


Anglers fishing the shorelines of the Colorado River are catching striped bass between 2 and 5 pounds. Fish upwards of 10 pounds are taking topwater baits fished from boat in the deeper waters. A few anglers reported catching rainbow trout on their striped bass baits. Catfish action has been slow. Try fishing anchovies or chicken liver off the bottom in the shallows near vegetation.


Haymeadow, Cold Springs, and Adams-McGill are getting a little weedy. Fishing activity has been steady despite the need to fish through or over vegetation along the shorelines. Some anglers are catching large crappies at Haymeadow using crappie jigs. Shoreline fishing is still a good option despite hot temperatures and aquatic vegetation. Trout in the deeper areas are biting on Rooster Tails and damsel fly patterns.


Bluegill, bass, and catfish are active at the urban ponds. Mealworms, red wiggler worms, and small fly patterns are good baits for the panfish. So too are Gold-Ribbed Hare’s Ear and Woolly Bugger fly patterns. Both can be fished below a bobber. Bass are hitting silver spinnerbaits and plastics.


Nevada Department of Wildlife has the safety of the public and employees in mind. To comply with Covid-19 guidelines, NDOW has temporarily cancelled all outdoor education classes. Check out Nevada Department of Wildlife’s Facebook events for our educational classes and webinars.rs.

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