NDOW Southern Fishing Report

Photo Credit: Courtesy of NDOW

by Nevada Department of Wildlife


Crappie action is picking up, and the fish are taking Hares Ear Nymphs or night crawlers suspended under a bobber. Trout action has been sluggish, but with cooler overnight temperatures, it should start picking up. Rooster Tails and other spinners are working best for trout slurping near the surface in the early mornings and at sunset.


 Rainbow trout have been hitting on combinations of night crawlers and mini-marshmallows. Spinners are catching fish in the early mornings and at sunset. Crappie and bass action has been good with the fish taking spinning lures and jigs. 


Striper boils are most active in the early mornings and taper off by noon. Topwater lures such as Zara Spooks and many variations of shad lures are seeing the most action. The fish are still hungry after the boils slow down, so try jigging lures to catch their attention again. Black bass are attacking frog lures, crankbaits and Ned rigs with green pumpkin worms fished near vegetation. Stink baits and anchovies are good choices for targeting catfish in the Las Vegas Bay.


Jointed swimbaits in rainbow trout patterns are attracting stripers at Willow Beach. Catfish up to 5 pounds are hitting anchovies fished off the bottom overnight. On the lake, stripers are showing a preference for jerkbaits and anchovies. Fish caught in the Cottonwood Basin are weighing in between 2 and 6 pounds. Topwater lures are working for smallmouth bass near shelves and reports of largemouth bass taking soft plastics are coming in from Katherine Landing.


The river is producing striped bass between 1 and 2 pounds, but some lucky anglers are occasionally catching bigger fish. One angler reported catching a 9-pound striper on a pencil popper. Rainbow trout fishing is slow, but a dry caddis fly might entice the fish due to the recent caddis hatch on the river.  Catfish are hiding in the heavy vegetation and are most likely to take bait fished off the bottom at night.


Water levels are still low, with thick vegetation blocking some parts of the water. Fishing action has been good on Dacey and Adams-McGill with various flies and spinners.  Anglers are reporting that the fish are not being picky and ranging from 15 – 20 inches. Dove hunting season is underway. Fishing is good in between morning and afternoon hunts.


Bluegill, green sunfish, and bass are what most anglers are catching at the ponds. Bass are hitting on plastics and spinnerbaits. Catfish are hitting on night crawlers and hotdog pieces. Small hooks with mealworms or chunks of nightcrawlers are working the best for bluegill and green sunfish.


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