Flows Have Been Bouncing Around A Bit

Truckee River

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Reno Fly Shop

by Reno Fly Shop

320 CFS today at the downtown gauge, flows have been bouncing around a bit. Largely due to the end of irrigation season and the turning off the diversions into ditches. Fall is in full swing and the trees have begun to turn. This is often the start to some of the best fishing on the Truckee River and our surrounding waters.

While we have seen several caddis popping off in the past week or so we should see that continue to diminish as cooler temps and shorter days progress. Until then it is worth casting an Elk Hair Caddis or a BH Krystal Caddis in the later afternoons. East of town has seen they most consistent hatches with fish rising just about every afternoon.

CDC Soft hackles, like the AssassinCDC Red Tag and the Brush Hog have been productive when nymphing. There are a lot of bugs in the system right now and we believe the fish are tuned into chasing emerging insects. Let the flies swing just a bit at the end of your drift to target this food source. 

If you are thinking more and more about digging out the tying vise for the winter season and want to tie some Assassins check out our tutorial and tying kits to get started.

Streamer fishing has been good. We have been finding some really good size browns willing to move for a large streamer. Check out the Cheech Leech and the Weir’s Sculpin as good streamer patterns for walk/wade.

Flies we suggest: Elk Hair CaddisCarotBH Krystal CaddisJigged AssassinCDC Red TagBrush Hogthe OneWeirs Sculpin

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