NDOW Western Fishing Report

Photo Credit: Courtesy of NDOW

by Nevada Department of Wildlife

Fishing has continued to be slow at Bilk Creek as the ice takes hold.

Closed to fishing for the season.
Flows on the Carson are about 80 cfs and fishing has been good. Spin fisherman using small spinners slowly retrieved in deeper pools have caught a few good fish. Fly fisherman using small streamer have done equally as well. As temperatures continue to drop, the trout metabolism decreases making slow moving lures and flies more productive. Light leaders and tippets will also increase catch rates.

Flows are down to winter rates on the EW. Although anchor ice has become an issue in some areas, anglers willing to search a little are finding some productive water. Fish seem to be holding low in the deeper pools but as insect life picks up, there should be a few rising fish to cast at. Weather and temperatures will play a big part in how well the EW fished over the next month. Nice weather can make for some really good fishing.

Hobert Reservoir closed Sept 30th.

Knot Creek Reservoir is closed to fishing for the season.
Fishing has slowed at Lahontan with the extreme cold. Spin fisherman using white jigs and small spinners are finding a few fish along sandy beaches.
Good reports of small macs at the moment. The cold temps are helping to bring the fish up. This is the best time of year to find larger rainbows and browns near the surface, making them accessible to shore anglers. Shore anglers are using smaller spinners for planted trout and larger spoons for larger rainbows and browns. Toplining for large rainbow and brown trout has also been productive in shallower water (less than 50 feet in depth).  Targeting the shallow bays seems to be the most productive for rainbows and browns.  
Mason Valley closed to fishing September 30th
Mason Valley closed to fishing September 30th
Closed to fishing for the season.
Fishing has been good for smallmouth and white bass using rooster tails, rubber worms, and bright colored jigs. Fishing will slow now that cooler temps are here. Spin Fisherman are picking up an occasional walleye or bass on plugs and spoons near the dam and some smaller bass along the sandy beaches.
Spooner Lake remains open to fishing during the winter months but is typically covered in ice by the middle to end of December.

Fishing at Squaw Reservoir can be productive through the winter months especially on the northwest portion of the reservoir where warm springs keep water temperatures up.  Fishing for rainbow and brown trout in the deeper portions of the reservoir in the winter can also be productive in areas free of ice.

Topaz is closed to fishing until January 1st.
The river is in excellent condition and fishing well. Flows are above prime winter levels at roughly 200-250cfs. Surveys this year provided some impressive fish numbers and size. Fishing mid-day will continue to be good as the cold sets in. East of Reno some BWO mayflies may be found in the afternoons. Small mayfly emergers and soft hackles just above or under the surface have worked well. Nymph fishing continues to be the best method for numbers but streamers are going to be the best bet for the real big fish out east, especially with the higher flows. Spin fisherman have been doing well around the parks for hatchery rainbows. As winter progresses the Truckee River won’t slow down from a fishing standpoint.  Concentrating on the deeper runs where fish have the ability to feed will be the most productive. 
The urban ponds in the western region have received several rounds of stocked trout this fall. When the temps really drop, the Sparks Marina will offer the best chance to catch an array of species while waters like Virginia Lake and Paradise Park Ponds may still hold some carryover rainbow trout.    
Walker Lake is currently near 50% of capacity and rising. An increase in the lake level is key to the fishery rebounding.

Wall Canyon will continue to fish well for trout and the occasional bass until ice really takes hold. Fly fishing with snail patterns and midge pupa has been excellent with a clear intermediate line slowly retrieved. Afternoon and evenings have been best along the dam and near the inlet with spinners and bait near the bottom.

Stocking of several thousand channel catfish and white crappie along with half a million juvenile white bass has occurred in both Little Washoe Lake and Washoe Lake during the 2017, 2018, and 2019 seasons. Expect slow fishing with some areas being more productive than others. Fishing has been productive for in little Washoe for small bass. Small bright jigs or small spinner seem to be best bet. Carp can also be a good option in little washoe for anglers when the wind is down.

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