NDOW Southern Fishing Report

Photo Credit: Courtesy of NDOW

by Nevada Department of Wildlife


Ice has finally reached 6 inches. A few families were seen fishing near the dam and where the fishing dock was in the spring. The fishing dock is still removed. Park rangers still urge visitors to use extreme caution before walking on the ice. Rainbow trout were caught with night crawlers and PowerBait in rainbow, orange, or green colorations. Spring Valley State Park got lots of snow yesterday, so travel safe in the area. For other questions, contact Spring Valley State Park at 775-962-5102.


A couple families were seen out fishing from shore by the limited open water. The reservoir is almost completely covered in thin ice.
Ice conditions remain unsafe for venturing onto. Park rangers are urging visitors to use extreme caution in the area. For up-to-date ice information, contact Echo Canyon State Park at 775-962-5103.


Striped bass anglers are still netting shad near Hemenway. Those unable to fish with live bait are reporting success at Callville Bay and Kingman Wash with a variety of crankbaits and soft swimbaits in shad patterns. Black bass and striped bass are active in the Overton Arm. Anglers are using soft plastics and shad lures. Overnight, catfish are taking corn and anchovies fished close to shore.


Willow Beach anglers are reporting the best rainbow trout fishing before noon. Fish up to 3 pounds are being reeled in from the fishing pier. Spinners are producing the most catches, but worms and PowerBait are also reliable choices. Striper boils have slowed considerably on the lake. Anglers are reporting luck with 2-to-3-pound fish near Cottonwood Cove on swimbaits. Topwater lures are working for smallies and largemouth near the shelves.


Striper action is slow on the Colorado River. Anglers are reporting little success with anchovies and better results with swimbaits in trout patterns. Rainbow trout are favoring a worm and PowerBait combination over spinners. Look for trout in their hiding spots below docks, in shaded areas near brush along the shores, and where slow and fast-moving waters meet.


 Despite cold nighttime temperatures and some snow, the ice on area reservoirs remains treacherous. Very little thickening of the ice. Use extreme caution in the area. Stay off anything less than 4-inches thick. You will want it even thicker if you are in a group. Shore fishing is limited to open water, which varies each day.


NDOW has still been stocking the urban ponds with rainbow trout since mid-November. The limit is 3 fish for urban ponds caught with a rod and reel. Best baits for the trout are night crawler pieces and PowerBait. Small fly patterns, such as Pheasant Tail and Hare’s Ear nymphs, are working with a fly rod or below a bobber. Also, a few catfish have been caught with night crawlers or chicken livers.


For information about NDOW educational programs and workshops visit https://register-ed.com/programs/nevada/210-angler-education. You can get your fishing license online at www.ndowlicensing.com .

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