Excellent Fishing on The Truckee River

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

Excellent fishing on the Truckee River.

It went from the 90’s, to the 50’s. I guess it’s still late spring? Suppose to warm way back up and get into the 90’s later next week, ugh.

Flows have dropped again. Just under 500 cubes in the Hirsch, higher at Farad, lower through Reno. A pick pocket dream, if you tight line nymph.

No water coming out of Boca. I’m surprised that it’s been filling up. All the water in the Truckee River right now is from the big blue pill, Lake Tahoe. Jump in it, you’ll feel like a million bucks, hence the big blue pill.

Been doing a lot of urban fishing through Reno. I do it a lot, and always have. It’s amazing that fishery. If you fish in there, take those water temps next week, get your ass off the water when it gets above 68, or right around noon. I’m amazed the people I see parked at the barn hole in the afternoon when the air temp is 103.

Your best fishing when it gets hot is always in the morning. Early until about lunch time.

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