Fish Cool and Ethical this Summer

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

More hot weather.

Looks like it could be a hot one here on the Truckee River this summer. Fishing’s good, but you gotta get out there before it gets hot.

Get out in the morning and give it a break in the afternoons. Me and my girls are out swimming every afternoon in the river. If my 5 yr olds are out in the water all afternoon, it’s way too warm to be fishing.

It’s good in the mornings though. Get out and nymph that fast water. Water temps are nice and cool early, then they rise as the sun moves up. In Reno, get out as early as possible. We really need a Hoot Owl closure on the river down there after about 12. I’m not sure why I’m the only one preaching this?

Fish cool and ethical this summer. You spent all that money on your fancy reel and waders, kick down the 10 bucks on a stream thermometer and learn to use it. If the water temps go above 68, don’t fish. Be cool with the fish, use the right size tippet, not the bullshit 6x when your nymphing. Get a fish, take a quick photo, or better no photo, and let them go. Land your fish fast, that’s important. If you overplay a fish they build up lactic acid. It’s very hard for them to cool down and relax after you release them. Most likely they’ll die. If you ran 15 miles on a hot day, stopped and did 15 more, you might not make it. Think about what you do to the fish.

Flows are 450 here in the Hirsch, higher on down the line, and lower through Reno. We’re hanging in there this summer with flows. That’s it from pastor Gill today. You can donate money on my hotline.

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