Flows are holding real steady at 450 cubes here in the Hirsch

Truckee River

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Gilligans Guide Service

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

Big 4th of July weekend on the Truckee River.

Hot, but not as hot as last week. Running in the 80’s, instead of the 90’s. Even had some t-storms this week.

Flows are holding real steady at 450 cubes here in the Hirsch. Not bad.

Get out early and get off the water at least noon on the CA side. Nevada, I’d be off the water around 10. Yes, 10. That water is bathtub warm on the Nevada side in Reno. Don’t even think about fishing out East on the lower river past Sparks. I imagine a lot of those fish have moved their way into Reno. They have gps on some of the rainbows down there, and they’ll move 30 miles in a few days at times. All our water is coming out of Lake Tahoe right now. Surface water. When we get some flows coming out of Boca the water should cool some. Essentially turning the river into a tail water. When and how much, we’ll wait to see.

Nymph, nymph nymph. Euro is the way to go. Yes, they’re eating crayfish. Yes, they’re in the pocket water. Yes, you have to wade in there and get them. Yes, you need a guide that knows his shit this time of year. Yes, I’m old and jaded.

From MT, on warm, and then a quick podcast I did with Bearfish, water. 

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