Water levels have remained relatively stable

Illipah Reservoir - Ely, NV (White Pine County)

by Nevada Department of Wildlife

Water levels have remained relatively stable this year allowing anglers to have pretty good fishing, though expect it to start dropping once haying is done and the fields are being irrigated.  There are large vegetation mats on the south end of the reservoir that are producing sizable insect hatches. Fish the edges from a boat or float tube.  Rainbow Trout will be the dominant species to catch at Illipah Creek with the occasional Brown Trout being caught. Anglers will do well on beadhead pheasant tails, wooly buggers, and parachute Adams.  Spinners, PowerBait, and nightcrawlers will do well for the spincasting crowd.Illipah has been stocked with approximately 24,000 rainbow trout this spring.

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