Late October Pyramid Lake Report

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

by Bearfish Alliance Staff

This is always the challenging time of the season at Pyramid, and as hot as the opener was we have seen the tapering off of the bite as we progress through the month of October. Most of us may have been chasing baitballs early on, and that was because a combination of things were happening; steady barometric pressure, low winds, and happy Cutties chowing on freaked out bait balls of Tui Chubs. All of that changed as we experienced changes in barometric pressure, weak fronts moving through that caused sustained winds, and this results in a few things that lead up to making things harder on anglers. Steady winds make it difficult to manage most small watercraft, they break up the bait balls, and in turn scatter the Cutties. You still have to maintain a deep presentation as shore fishing hasn’t quite turned on, so deep fishing combined with scattered fish = slimmer numbers. This doesn’t mean you won’t get into fish, it just means you have to be considerably more patient. (FYI - The Yak a Tui Pattern is a great go to pattern for stripping and jigging...hit us up as if you want some as we custom tie them by request)

Now, with all that being said we recently had a bomb of a storm that is looking to change some things up for us. We now have flows back into the Truckee River that will feed back into Pyramid, colder temps, and hoping this leads to a slightly earlier turnover on the lake. When the lake does decide to turn, those Cutties will start hugging the shallower depths and you will be able to get into some numbers! If you are planning to head out to Pyramid soon keep us in mind for your tackle needs, we have some great Switch Rod/Reel/Line combos! Just reach out to us via IG @bearfishalliance or visit the website. I the case you are looking for a guided adventure please link up with our partners at Pyramid Fly Co at 970.231.9609 and tell them Bearfish sent ya! Tight Lines! 

Contact BearFish Alliance at (775) 622-2970 or email [email protected]

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