Truckee River has cleared up and flows are just above average flow

Truckee River

by Reno Fly Shop

The big Truckee River has cleared up and flows are just above average flow at the downtown Reno gage. These flows, just over 400 cfs, are great levels to access some of the less fished spots on the river. The fish have more than enough water to move around but are concentrated in typical spots to be able to find.

Bugs have also been somewhat predictable for this time of year. Midgestonefliesbaetis and the occasional October Caddis have been on the menu for the feeding trout. Temps are staying cool enough to have most of the fish we are finding in slower water (but not quite froggy winter water) and out of the faster riffles. A few of the recent cloudy days have allowed decent BWO hatches and some trout were looking up. This should continue to improve as winter settles in so don’t give up on the cloudy drizzly days. Especially out east where the winter can have some of the best dry fly fishing of the year on the Truckee River. 

We have mostly transitioned from suggestive searching flies to more imitative patterns as the water has cleared. The streamer bite has been consistently inconsistent but well worth the effort when you do finally the combination of streamer and feeding trout.

Flies we suggest: Ready BaetisPsycho MayflyZebra MidgePandemic MayflyMasked MarauderCDC Pheasant TailPullover BWOParachute AdamsD&D Olive/YellowHeisenberg Cowboy and Cheech Leech

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