Bobbers are Droppin and Fish Are Grabbin

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

The bobbers were droppin. Ashley Day with a beautiful specimen. PFC Guide Cole Hildahl with the net assist. Great Job everyone !!!
Photo Credit: Pyramid Fly Co.

by Pyramid Fly Co.

It may be sunny but we've got wind and the world's largest cutthroat that won't stay big unless they continue to eat. The past week we have had some unusually nice weather for January but with a little wind, the right bugs and some confidences have produced some very nice fish the last week. This time of the season the large Pilot peak strain are in pre spawn mode and are continuing to pack on the pounds before they slide off into sexy time. Right now, is go time for catching trophy fish.

These ginormous trout are still feeding on baitfish heavily as the forage fish for the lake are in such high numbers it allows for these cutthroats to grow at astounding rates. But the midge game is proving to pick up the slack during the afternoon and on those calmer warm days. As your up at the truck in the late morning to early afternoon you'll see swarms of small midges clustered up flying around in the warm sun. That tells me it's time to take that balanced leech off and slap on some midges.

We are still keeping flies in all the natural colors and sometimes switching it up and adding a little spice to give those bugs a different look than everything else. No not your reelfly's hot sauce out of the fridge.

Add some flash or a different twist to your favorite pattern. A lot of the time it's the little things that make one stand out amongst the crowd. On those calm days don't let that bobber just sit idle. Do bugs just lay suspended in the water column in freeze frame? Of course not! So, make them look realistic. If you've ever fished for panfish under a bobber as a kid, you know just what I'm talking about. Otherwise, use your imagination. Stripping flies has become a bit more productive as the fish are beginning to pod up a bit more. The famous Doug Ouelette popcorn beetle is and will always be on the most productive stripping flies on the lake. Pair that up with your favorite wooly bugger and you could be in for a very productive bite.

These large cutthroats are still being caught all over the lake as they aren't close to the spring spawn. And hot dog are they full of piss and vinegar this season. One of the many things we love about this time of the season. The fish are plump and full of steam and often taking advantage of you, or your gear if you're not ready for them. Great time of year and go explore and gain confidence in new beaches to have in your arsenal. With 30 miles of shoreline on the west side of the lake that makes for an awful lot of opportunities.

With February right around the corner, we are gearing up for nothing but great times and utter chaos as the season kicks into high gear. The fishing is good and will only continue to ramp up as we dive closer towards spring. Mega trout roaming in large packs as they cruise up and down the shoreline sucking up food to stay nice and fat. A great time of year to gather a the family, a few close friends and head up to the large inland sea to chase the world's largest cutthroat trout right outside Reno, Nevada. We have a team of enthusiastic guides ready to show you an amazing time out at Pyramid lake. Get up and give us a call. Afterall, you cant' catch em from the couch!

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