The Truckee continues to fish well along most sections of the river

Truckee River

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It definitely feels like spring is in the air this week with some beautiful sunny days and good fishing using dry flies. As the weather continues to get nicer and days longer, we encourage you to explore some of the various waters throughout the area as both the fishing conditions and the weather align for some potentially epic days on the water. The drainages for the Feather, Yuba, American, Carson and Walker are all within a day trip of Tahoe and all have been fishing well. If you do feel like staying close to home, the Truckee hasn’t been too shabby either with some thick hatches of midges and BWO’s as well as some Skwalas starting to pop within the last couple of weeks.

Truckee River Fly Fishing Report & Forecast

The Truckee continues to fish well along most sections of the river with the exception of some of the dewatered areas around Reno, where you may still find fish, but they will be very spooky with the low water. Our go to still has been the canyon section where flows hold around 400 CFS, down here we have been finding most fish under the indicator using midges and BWO’s down to a size 20 and pairing them with Skwala nymphs, eggs, or worms for our attractors, being sure to use ample weight with these flows. Dry dropper set ups using a Skwala adult paired with a midge or BWO nymph is a fun way to cover water this time of year as the fish begin to seek out these large bugs and can be very effective when fishing the skinnier water found along Glenshire Road or Reno.

The lower river, east of Sparks, continues to fish well too using the same bugs as up high but focusing on different water types as the fish down here are holding in a medium speed water, so focus on riffles and pocket water when fishing down here. The best way to really learn the Truckee is to make an attempt to fish as many different sections of it as possible, with over 120 river miles that will certainly keep you busy for a while and help you figure out the nuances that make this river one of the toughest on the west coast, embrace the challenge!

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Access on the Little Truckee is limited due to snow on the road, and only those with high clearance 4x4...... Read More