Pyramid continues to kick out some incredible fish this week

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

by Trout Creek Outfitters
(530) 563-5119

Pyramid continues to kick out some incredible fish this week and when fishing out here yesterday I hooked a fish estimated in the low to mid 20’s on a red midge dropped under a balanced leech. After a epic battle where it took me into my backing 3 times I got it right onto shore where after one unsuccessful attempt netting it, it managed to find a rock to wrap around and get my upper hook attached to, allowing it to bend out the midge and get away. The lesson of the story here is, if fishing off of a rock be very careful when you get those large fish near the shore, and while you think using two flies may up your odds this is why you see people only fish one fly with confidence, less tangles, less knots to fail and less likely to loose a fish in the rocks ... lesson learned!

We would also like to address some concerning reports about anglers becoming very aggressive about holding spots, often getting up at the early hours of the morning and putting gear out in an attempt to secure their spot for the day, and a number of fights ensuing among fisherman because of this. This new phenomenon from anglers is very disappointing to hear about, and as the popularity of this lake continues to grow, we hope you will help us continue to promote the inclusiveness and welcoming nature of the Pyramid Lake angling community that we’ve always seen over the decades. While it’s easy to get excited about the big fish found here, it’s important to remind yourself to relax, it’s just fishing. We would also like to say, to help avoid any confrontation and to find some less pressured water, we encourage you to spread out. Where I hooked that trophy fish yesterday, there where only 3-4 other anglers along the entire shoreline, you don’t have to fish at Pelican Point or the North Nets to find a trophy, these fish are everywhere!

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