Rainbow trout have begun their spawn

Truckee River

by Reno Fly Shop

Skwala stoneflies have made themselves seen this week. This is a little later than usual but we’re happy to see them as are the trout. Larger flies like this are easier for trout to detect in dirty water, making the inflow of runoff a happy coincidence. Otherwise, nymphing has still been best, dirty water can be good for streamer fishing and fishing a worm or egg fly can be succesful as they are bright and easy to see. 

Rainbow trout have begun their spawn. Please be aware of reds near tailouts of pools and the side of long glides. Earlier this week we observed some rainbows staging and starting some of the “house cleaning” but the redds were not yet occupied. It won’t be long so keep you eyes ready for them and please give them some space to do their thing.

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