Rosachi section in Nevada has been fishing pretty well

East Walker River (NV) - Lyon County, NV (Lyon County)

by Kens Sporting Goods Staff

The flows on the East are at about 93 cfs right now, the Rosachi section in Nevada has been fishing pretty well, some anglers are reporting up to 8 or 9 fish per day with a few up to 20 inches or so. Most days they seem to be liking small midge and nymph patterns like princes, pheasant tails, zebra midges, copper johns and perdigon nymphs but we have also been hearing a few reports on San Juan worms, squirmy wormy’s and some stonefly nymphs. Haven’t heard too much about streamers yet. There’s been a few fish caught on dries so be ready to make a switch if you see some rises.  

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