Late April Fish Report- Pyramid Lake

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

Tagged Pilot Peak 10#
Photo Credit: Bearfish Alliance

by Bearfish Alliance Staff

Holy Smokes, we had a run of what seemed like endless weather events in northern Nevada that made the fishing tough at the Mid for a while, but nevertheless when that window of opportunity opened it would turn on for the anglers. 

The fish are on the tail end of the spawn, so look to shift your techniques accordingly. Right now we are having good luck fishing rock sections that hold post spawners and false spawners running midge patterns in 6-9ft of water, be sure to use your classic patterns resembling the emerging pupa stages for the best results. We should see a shift in eating habits soon as those fish start to get real hungry again, so be ready to introduce leech patterns as the days move forward and be prepared to run deeper as we start looking towards warming days and warmer water. 

Also, been catching a handful of tagged USFWS Pilot Peaks….if you do catch a tagged fish be sure to record the USFWS number and submit it to the local USFWS office for recording. It goes a long way in helping to maintain the fishery! Plus it can be pretty cool to see when your fish was planted and how much it has grown. The fish above was planted in 2016 at 205mm….look at it now!

Get out and answer the doorbell when that bobber goes down and give ‘em the onion!

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