The Truckee saw some fluctuations in flows over the last week

Truckee River

Photo Credit: 📷 Trout Creek Outfitters

by Trout Creek Outfitters
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The Truckee saw some fluctuations in flows over the last week with the late season snow but has seemed to mostly stabilize at this point. Near Glenshire, we are seeing flows around 500 CFS while around Farad, we’ve seen them hang around 1000. This is big water along most of the river and the name of the game right now will be finding the type of water that is holding fish and using the appropriate amount of weight to get your flies in front of them. We have been finding most of our fish in a medium-to-slow water speed with a depth of at least 3 feet. Look for fish around rocks that create a cushion of soft water, any deep pools or edges of the river where a good cut bank or drop-off is present.

With the current size of the river, we have found the indicator set up to be the most advantageous so you can easily adjust weight and depth and allow your flies to get longer drifts to give them ample time to sink. During last week’s stormy weather, streamers were moving some nice fish, but this will likely slow down as the week progresses unless we see these warm days melt some snow and create some tinted water. In that case, using large and heavy streamers in olive, white or black will be your best bet and don’t be afraid of flash. With the biggest water found down below the Boca confluence to the Nevada state line, the upper section of river around Glenshire and up, as well as the West Reno area and through downtown are all great alternatives to fighting the runoff conditions and are all fishing well.

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