The Truckee had a significant drop in flows last week

Truckee River

by Trout Creek Outfitters
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The Truckee had a significant drop in flows last week, due to the state turning off the spigot out of Boca dam, which has been the main source of water throughout the fall. This has made the average flow along the entire river system at just over 100 CFS, which is definitely lower than we like to see it. With how low Boca was getting this wasn’t a big surprise, but what is surprising is how much water continues to be held in Donner Lake which is typically drained much lower this time of year and is usually quicker to get replenished as it catches snowmelt from Donner Peak, Shallenberger Ridge and the Tahoe Donner area.

The upper river at 89 south continues to be dry and even around Glenshire Drive the flows are only about 50 CFS. It’s not until you get around Hirschdale that we begin to see fishable water, so focus your efforts from here all the way down through the Nevada side for best results. Starting tomorrow, access will get a bit difficult on the river and the sure shots will be along any freeway exit here on the California side or anywhere in Nevada, especially out east which should see very little snow. With the low water right now, if the water is running clear think small bugs such as BWO nymphs in 16-18, Midges in 18-20 or other attractor style nymphs such as blowtorches and duracells. If the water is dirty, stoneflies, crawdads, worms, eggs or streamers will be the name of the game.

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