The Return of the Midge

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)


by Pyramid Fly Co.

The New Year brings a fresh opportunity to experience Pyramid Lake

As we spring into the New year with tremendous amounts of rain and snow the lake levels begin to rise and the fish start sliding into a more "normal", feeding schedule.  We have been catching a lot more summits than normal for this time of year and they are fired up and ready to party!  The large Pilots are in there pre spawn feed and things are heating up out at this magical inland sea.  The world’s largest Cutthroat Trout are on the chew and there's no place I'd rather be.

The trout are still being caught all over the lake but this huge push of precipitation is going to mud out the southern most beaches for a few days as the Truckee pours water into Pyramid.  This could trigger a feeding frenzy as that mud begins to clear as we all know fish prefer a slight tinge over crystal clear water 9 outta 10 days.  That murky water not only provides cover and protection from predators from above, but it also provides food.  Dark and light color contrasts and bright UV really pops in the murky water.  So think outside the box.

The last couple months the fish have been sucking down the occasional midge.  But the last couple weeks the little small bug has outperformed the leech, baitfish or chub.  Especially during those warm storms fronts when the clouds of midges are cluttering the air.    Fish em in-line or off a tag.  Whatever floats your boat.  But make sure you have at-least one midge on your rig from now til spring.  Not saying they won't suck up that balanced leech, hell they are still producing well in the low light hours but I love my midges!

It's still a great time to get out and explore the beaches as the fish are spread all over the lake.  More often than not the lake is weather driven and comfort is often overlooked.  Having the wind slam into your face with waves curling up into your chest isn't fun for anyone.  On those days more often than not comfort is going to outperform misery.  Having your flies in the water is the only way one is going to catch fish.  Sitting in your vehicle, trying to warm up because your in spot #1 with the wind slamming directly at you, freezing your ass off which puts you in the car warming up quite frequently doesn't allow you to keep your flies in the water fishing.  Another reason learning new beaches is a big part at becoming confident on such a big body of water.  If you hadn't explored spot #2 the week before you may not have known there was a spot you could still fish in comfort in a South wind.  Confidence is key!  Get out and explore!

The New year is looking very promising with a bobber clinic coming up in February and a stripping clinic in March.  The lake is heating up as the fish begin to pod up more and more each day.  It's only getting better and we are more than excited to get you and your friends, family, pets and kids on our favorite piece of water with the world's largest Cutthroat Trout.  Come ring in the New year with a bang and experience some of the best sunrises Mother Nature has to offer.  Lakeside BBQ lunches and a crew with the enthusiasm, experience and knowledge to show you a great time.  After all, you can't catch 'em from the couch. LET'S GO!!!

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